The Refrigerator Door!

After reading a book about Ubbe Iwerks, “The Hand Behind the Mouse” I was inspired by his Herculean effort of making so much animation by himself in such a short period of time. I thought other than his bionic ability, drawing shapes more than forms certainly helped, since the early Mickey Mouse was a figure of black silhouetted circles. So I tried to eliminate the thick black outlines of the Family Pants characters to speed my one-man production.

In theory it worked. I normally would go through rough line work, clean line work, then coloring. With a “sans outline” look I go from rough line work to finish, coloring and cleaning in one step. In practice however, the color design slowed me down. Two colors could be close in value, but a thick outline will separate the two shapes. With no outline, the colors need to be different enough to stand out. So ultimately all the time I saved with losing a step, I gained with adding more time to the color planning.

Another different step I took here is that it’s the first time I have more than one shot for the whole cartoon. I cut to a close up of Frank. It disguises his having to walk over to the refrigerator. He just magically appears there when we cut back.

I also added the first appearence of Alexandrea voiced by my wife. She got laughs just walking into the scene!

This cartoon appeared in the Annecy Film Festival in 2002.


One Response to “The Refrigerator Door!”

  1. Mike Says:

    The father in these cartoons reminds me of an old friends dad I once knew!

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