The Scooter!

I’ve wrestled with the idea of giving Frank and Blanche younger kids. This was an experiment with that. To make it all logical, I called it a “Family Pants Flashback” to when Nicholas was young. I sketched around giving Blanche a 70’s beehive hair-do and long pork-chop sideburns to Frank, but felt if I continued in this direction permanently, then I’d have to change their designs back.

Originally, this was about a tricycle, but Jason Sawtelle saw my rough boards and suggested making the toy a scooter. Perhaps it’d make the idea more modern. But more importantly, it’d be easier to stage Frank. With a tricycle he’ll have to walk around the toy, sit down and pedal off. While a scooter he could already be standing on and simply shove off in the end. A simple change in the story like this saved me days of animation, without sacrificing the gag. Animation is fun, but let’s be serious… it’s more fun when you actually get to finish the cartoon!


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