Toilet Turmoil!

After making a few shorts I thought, “what next?” Was I to make shorts forever? What can you do with dozens of shorts anyway? So I presented the idea to my friend, Jason Sawtelle. We came up with a crazy idea to syndicate short cartoons on-line to the budding “web-a-zines” popping up. They’d buy these shorts much like newspapers buy comic strips!

Since “syndicating on-line cartoon shorts” sounded lame, we tried to brand the whole thing as a “JiffyToon”. I went to work turning 10 comic strips I had in my sketchbooks into 10 short cartoons. This way they’d be sold as a package… a continuing series. I also made a short cartoon explaining the licensing idea.

But the idea fizzled out, having people interested in it, but not willing to pay for it! I put the 10 cartoons together with a fade out to black and a fade in like the old Road Runner cartoons or Tex Avery cartoons that used the same device to string together a series of gags.

This cartoon appeared in the New York Independent Film Festival in 2003. People in the audience laughed, but I can’t guarantee they were laughing at the cartoon! For me though, it was an interesting experiment to see Family Pants projected up onto the big screen. The cartoons were made 100% in Flash, exported to Quick Time then saved to a camcorder’s digital tape. From the camcorder, it was run through an expensive digital projector that the festival provided. It looked unbelievable!

Also, somehow seeing the future for Family Pants was video, I changed the format to more conventional 1.33:1 proportions.


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