Hole in ‘Da Roof! Extra Features Preview!

One of the extra features on the Hole in ‘Da Roof! DVD is a commentary track with Frank Mueller himself babbling on about stuff. Jason Sawtelle phoned in asking straight forward questions and I, playing Frank, ad-libbed trying like hell to stay in character. Our schedules were so busy, that we couldn’t make the recording in person. So I put him on speaker phone and set up my mic and recorded him remotely! Another triumph for lo-fi!

We fumbled around a bit, where I’d pause trying to think of my next line and Jason, hearing that pause, would think I, or Frank, was finished talking, so he’d start asking the next question. We ending up stepping all over each other. There was a lot of “Hey! I’m not done yet!” yelling from Frank. That was funny the first time, but after a while it wasn’t.

So I asked that he email me the question and I wrote the answers in a stream of consciousness kind of way. Then the next weekend, Jason called back and I recorded the whole thing in one shot. Jason never knew my responses until I said them! Later I edited out the pauses and laughing between the questions and some of our own comments like, “wait, I think I got another call” or “hold on, my wife asked me something”.

I had lots of fun with this and realized that Frank is funny talking as much as he is falling off roofs. At the end, I was inspired to write more comic strips and have another go at Syndicate submission!

Hope you dig it!


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