The Gruno Interface

This was a design I did to learn the programing aspects of Flash 4, back in the day. The idea was to use a character I’ve had for years, Gruno, as the interface and sole design to Originally it would have no instructions forcing the user to explore and play with the character to get him to “cough up” cartoons. The design would hide content in the site, disguising how much work I’ve done to hopefully keeping the site fresh. Perhaps I had a dozen cartoons, perhaps only two. Gruno would “think” for himself whether or not he’d show it to you. (And depending on in what order you teased him, he acted as a sort of combination lock.)

Although it worked, it was too confusing for most people. Plus the amount of work to create these interactive elements rivaled making actual cartoons! I’ve scripted a similar design for Frank for another Family Pants website that perhaps I’ll use.

[Click the image below]

Gruno Interface


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