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Canned Ham is best!

February 5, 2007

When in doubt, always draw a man’s ass! It seems by far the most popular Family Pants cartoon is “Canned Ham!” It was selected as “Best of the Web in ’07” by Here’s the write up!

Funny, the second most popular was Hero Dog… That one was about urine! Hmm… I think I’m onto something!

Well “Hole in ‘Da Roof!” may not have as much ass, but how’s about nipple? The following sequence is from the “Hole in ‘Da Roof!” DVD and go as follows: Frank notes the sun is hot and thus potentially dangerous to his exterior. He pulls out some sun tan lotion and bares his manly-ness to ask his pal Gruno to gently apply the protective cream to his exposed area. Gruno hesitates his next move…

Frank’s Nipple shot