Dirty Laundry!

In the midst of me starting another submission to the comic strip syndicates, I stopped and instead made another cartoon! I recorded my Mom saying her Blanche lines on Easter and recently finished the cartoon this Memorial Day weekend.

Unfortunately this cartoon doesn’t have Gruno or Jöhan, but there’s lots of man-chests and other surprises!

This cartoon was another “sans-outline” attempt to speed production. But the time I saved not noodling that thick outline, I spent on making the color as bright as I can.

Another change is that this time, the only available format of this cartoon is through Revver.com‘s video. I also made the credits up front and a quick ending to be more Revver-Ad friendly. Hope you dig it.

Let’s see what happens… [click the image below]

Dirty Laundry!

An update to this post is that I saw what happened…
After about 9 months on Revver.com, all my cartoons made a total of about $7! I guess it’s like the lottery. It IS possible to make money and people do it everyday, but it’s unlikely.

I do have to say the Revver interface is easier to upload and the resulting video looks better but unfortunately most people never use Revver over YouTube. So much so that WordPress won’t let me embed my Revver videos here. I’ve usually embedded a JPEG that links to the Revver site as seen with the above link. But a YouTube video can be embedded directly into my blog as seen below:

So I’m making the switch after this little experiment.


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