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Gruno’s Blazin’ Bolt Challenge

February 11, 2008

Learning Flash 4 action script a thousand years ago, I made this game, stealing off the idea that Frank and Gruno are steel workers (although Frank isn’t even in this game).   I didn’t even have a guitar riff for the Family Pants theme yet, so all you’ll hear is the bass thumping away.  I was pleasantly surprised the minimal scoring  actually sounds intentional.

[Click on the image below to open a URL to another page that has the  game:]
Gruno’s Blazin’ Bolt Challenge


“Farewell to Arm”

February 9, 2008

Long ago, when people had 56K modems or worse, and most saw downloading and installing the FLASH plug-in to view cartoon’s online, I thought of making black and white silent cartoon GIFs. Think of an animated pantomime comic strip.

It was an interesting experiment and a tough one at that. I drew this in flash and simply exported it as a GIF, but found the file huge. So I took out some in betweens. Still too big. I took out more movement. Still too big.

Finally, staging had to be changed. Originally the girl entered from the right and walked in front of Frank to get his attention. The solution was for her to enter from the left, take two steps, then turn to excite him.

Farewell to Arm

So much work for such little gain!  In no time, everyone had broadband and the small animated GIF idea became as useful as the “iceman”!

Gruno’s Rhode Island Red Disaster

February 9, 2008

Back in mid 2001, I wanted to learn Flash 5 programing.  Well, the best way to learn programing is to make something and learn as you go.  So I came up with a game for Family Pant’s Gruno and Frank: “Gruno’s Rhode Island Red Rescue!”

The idea was an inspiration of one of my favorite arcade games of old,  JOUST.  The story was that Frank, being an iron worker, just finished building a skyscraper and upon setting the American Flag a top the building, resembling The Empire State Building, a gust of wind blows it off the top.  Frank pulls out his cell phone to call Gruno for help only to be a victim of the strong winds himself.  He flails about like a flag himself clinging to the building’s antenna.  Eventually his pants comes down and we zoom down to the street.

On the ground stands Gruno.  He hears Frank’s cries for help and in Superman fashion changes into a chicken costume.  (Identical to the Chicken man of “Hole in ‘Da Roof!”)  Then the game begins.  Like “Joust” you navigate Gruno to the top of the building to meet and rescue Frank.  You had to avoid hitting the ground and buildings around you as well as flying paper thrusting around in the strong winds.  If a sheet of paper hits Gruno, you had to fight to get the paper off his face by quickly hitting any key repeatedly.  All the while plunging to earth.  If you removed the paper in time, you could recover your decent, otherwise, game over!  Another hazzard was if Gruno traveled too high, an airplane would run him over, sending him back to earth as well.  In the process I changed the danger to Gruno getting struck by lightning, drawn by a dark swirling cloud over the top of the building.

Now all this sounds fun and making it gave me a better understanding of ActionScript at that time, but the game was never meant to be.

Think of 2001… Think of tall buildings… American Flags… paper blowing around… dark clouds… airplanes… people in need of rescue…  geez…

I told some friends about this game in progress after 9/11 and they tried to figure out what statement I was trying to make, and whether I was trying to make one at all.  Being my friends they were polite, but I could tell by the look on their face that this game was meant to be shelved permanently, so I never even finished the artwork!

I told a few friends recently of the coincidence and they couldn’t believe it.  Looking back now, realizing my innocence found the whole thing incredibly funny!

So without further ado and lots of editing, here’s a couple of screen shots of the game:

Gruno’s Rhode Island Red Rescue

Gruno’s Rhode Island Red Rescue