Strip Website Launched!


I finally finished the re-vamped Family Pants website. I hoped to finish it Jan. 1, but hey, April Fools Day is as good as any other day. (Actually, I can’t think of anything more fitting for Frank Mueller…)

It still has the same cartoon and animation links, which can be accessed through the “Everything Else” button, but now the focus of the site is on comic strips.

The site is just an empty SWF shell, which reads the date, then picks the correct strip to show. This way, I could just dump 50 strips into a folder and let the SWF update itself everyday. If you roll over the strip a menu pops up where you can select to see previous strips, start at the beginning of the story, or advance strips, but not past today’s date. For that, you gotta come back tomorrow! Eventually, when I get more stories finished, I’ll insert a button that can view the previous story in it’s entirety, so the site always has a complete story up there.

Details of my idea of what comic strips can be can be read in my previous posts, Plot Complexity vs Character Complexity, Comic Strips and Shrinkage, and Ensuing Complications in the Pants.

Hope you like it…


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