Tribune Media Syndicate Responds!

Unfortunately with a no!

There are 6 newspaper syndicates out there and Tribune Media is one of them.  The others are:

1) King Features, the oldest of the bunch
2) United Media, most famous syndicating Peanuts”
3) Universal Press, which syndicatedCalvin & Hobbes”
4) Washington Post Writers Group, currently syndicating Bloom County’s spin off, “Opus”
5) Creator’s Syndicate, who gained muscle when
Johnny Hart signed on.

I’ve mailed comic strip submissions to all of these since the mid 80’s and loads more who no longer exist.   For anyone who wondered what a rejection letter from a comic strip syndicate  looks like, here’s Tribune Media’s response to a recent Family Pants submission:
Tribue Media Rejection Letter

I wish it was a positive response, but at least rejection letters from comic strip syndicates puts you in good company.  “Peanuts” was rejected by every syndicate save one, back when there were a bunch more syndicates out there.  Jim Davis of “Garfield” said he could paper a wall with his rejection letters, and “Superman” was rejected so many times, the creators decided to ditch newspapers altogether and publish as one of them new-fangled comic books.

I’ll post the other 5 responses when I get them.  (Hopefully some good news…!)


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