Universal Press Syndicate Responds!

Yet another NO! But they have a nicer looking form letter…

What a rejection from Universal Press Syndicate looks like

4 more to go!


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2 Responses to “Universal Press Syndicate Responds!”

  1. chillpaw Says:

    i give you a lot of credit for persistence. ive been there myself and am still trying to sell a comic strip, but it does get discouraging after a while. i think your ideas are good, i hope you succeed! all it takes is that one editor who will see something in it that no one else does.

  2. Terri Vinck Says:

    I’ve been writing a humor column Here We Go Again for several years. From time to time I have submitted to syndicates, with always rejection for my trouble. I do better by offering the column to editors who need to fill in last minute empty space. I send them the word count they need when they need it. Yes, I wish I could be a syndicated writer and maybe in a small way I am on my own. Still I would like to know what it’s like to just once submit to a syndicate editor and have the reply, “Yes!”
    So, if anyone knows what it’s like to not be rejected, let me know. In the meantime, my web site terrivinck.com has the last few years of my columns. United, Universal, Creators, Tribune, check it out. I’m waiting for Christmas.

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