Family Pants’ The Lamaze Daze

Here’s the next Family Pants cartoon! My Dad gets motion sickness being a passenger in cars and I’ve made fun of his strange breathing here. And the dialog is a word for word argument about the difference between “dizzy” and “nauseated”!

My next blog entry will be the exact break down of the process of making a Family Pants cartoon… particularly this one!

I’ve also posted this cartoon on At first I really didn’t give these guys a chance.  I thought they were just another video posting site, so I sent in my cartoons at a low resolution.  But this cartoon, I made in HD format for really no reason other than experimenting what it would look like on MyToons.  Unfortunately I can’t embed MyToons in WordPress, so I have a JPEG which links to MyToons.  I’m really very impressed.  And, coincidentally I’ve noticed I’ve gotten more hits on MyToons than YouTube.  (YouTube however gave me more people actually emailing me to make more cartoons.)  Depending on how it’ll affect my hit records, I’m probably going to re-export everything for MyToons and repost it in higher resolution.  From now on MyToons is not just another video posting site…

[Update… the Link below is broken!  I’m not sure where MyToons has gone.  But just to let you know… it’s not you.]

Lamaze Daze image

Lamaze Daze image


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2 Responses to “Family Pants’ The Lamaze Daze”

  1. Louis Ederson Says:

    Now that was a great cartoon! I was wondering if you were making any more of these!

    BTW, this is Cartoonguy11 from YouTube 😉

  2. someone you may know Says:

    what was frank saying after was on the ground and Johan eating the stuff doll!

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