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Katie Khaos

February 9, 2015

Here’s an experiment.  I re-branded Frank Mueller as a 7 year old girl!  A girl!  Gruno as her baby brother and a relatively new character, her nemesis, her brother and her mother.  Since I can’t do the voice of a little girl, I made it as an animated comic strip.  (While working at King Features, I use to read old proof sheets in the comic strip archive.  They were a week’s worth of strips on a single page.  I liked the look of that and modeled this after that… a week of strips stacked up!)  Think of this as a sitcom as comic strip!

Katie Khaos in "Episode IV: A New Hope"

Katie Khaos in “Episode IV: A New Hope”

If anyone’s interested in how I made this… LMK.

Otherwise, I created a tumblr site just for Katie…  I had hoped people would submit “chaos” for me to try to work into the next Katie comic.  But, I think I’ve gotten only about a hundred views.